36 weeks pregnant

36 weeks pregnant

Sat in bed at 8pm writing this pregnancy update, which says it all really! 36 weeks now. The last week seems to have flown by again, trying to think what I did during the week but drawing a bit of a blank, for which I’m going to blame baby brain (true phenomenon). I did have a lovely weekend, Mike looked after Hayden on Friday night, getting up to him multiple times to allow me some sleep which was amazing. We had a nice relaxed Saturday morning, Hayden was up early with me but then went for his nap at 9am so Mike and I indulged in a rare uninterrupted breakfast of proper coffee and brioche plus adult conversation, all very civilised and reminiscent of weekends pre children!

We then preceded to load half our house into the car for an overnight stay at the grandparents in Hampshire. Why is it that no matter how hard you try you always end up packing pretty much everything but the kitchen sink! Or maybe that’s just me, I hate the idea of not having something we may need so we end up bringing things just in case. To make things more stressful I never seem to get round to packing the night before, as would be the sensible and parent like thing to do, and as a result I run around like a headless chicken trying to pack everything within an impossible time frame that I have set myself. The result is always the same, an hour of craziness and bickering/shouting between Mike and I, and a super stressed out me by the time we get in the car, repeating the same conversation ‘never again, next time we go away we will pack the night before/We will try and stay calm and not argue with each other’ and so the cycle repeats…

Anyway sorry that was a bit of a tangent rant about the stress of going away with children. Although it’s always fine once we actually get to our destination, thankfully!

Had a lovely weekend seeing grandparents, great grandparents, cousins, second cousins, aunties etc for our nephew Oscars 1st birthday party. It’s lovely to see all the babies together, although I do find it difficult being referee with Hayden and Oscar at times. They are 2 months apart in age, with Hayden being the oldest and that little bit bigger but definitely more boisterous! The theme of this weekend was mostly Hayden pulling Oscars hair when he had something he wanted, we tell him off and try to explain that it’s not nice to pull hair and that he has hurt Oscar and upset him, but it’s difficult to know how much he’s understanding us. Frustrating too because I hate having to tell Hayden off all the time and I hate that he’s hurting Oscar, and hopefully Chris and Carrie-Anne (Oscars parents) aren’t getting really annoyed with Hayden. Again I know that this behaviour is normal and shall pass, like everything else but I still worry. To be honest Hayden is not going to have much choice but to get used to sharing soon enough! Think it may be quite a shock to him!

Kicked off my 36th week of pregnancy this week by having my birthday spa day treat and pregnancy massage at Clifton Lido, which was really lovely. Had an hour to spend in the spa before my treatment, so I braved the outside pool for a quick swim (much against my mother and mother-in-laws wishes, for fear I would go into early labour!). It was actually very refreshing and invigorating, very cold on first getting in but once your moving it was fine. The massage itself was great, so relaxing I think I may have nodded off at one point! After that it was an hour in the relaxation room with herbal tea and magazines followed by a delicious 2 course lunch. All in all it was a lovely day only let down by my new development of yet another cold today! I just seem to be catching everything going around these days.

Pregnancy wise not a lot has changed really, lots of family speculation from the weekend that they think baby will arrive early. I don’t really mind if baby came a bit early but would really like to make it to my baby shower in 2 weeks time first please baby, if your listening! Seeing the midwife on Wednesday so we shall see if he has started to engage yet, watch this space!  Insomnia has improved considerably since last week, but think that might be down to just being so exhausted with Hayden’s poor sleeping pattern. Heartburn and acid reflux have been a bit of a killer this last week, doesn’t help that I keep forgetting to take my Omeprazole so end up swigging my Gaviscon and munching down Renee like an crazed addict!

I have finally gotten round to packing my hospital bag, but only managed to fit my stuff in the mini suitcase so am yet to pack any bits for baby, need to find another bag! So getting there slowly but surely. I think that’s probably all the updates for the time being, we shall see what this next week brings…



  1. February 17, 2017 / 3:26 pm

    Ah congratulations. Not long to go until you meet your baby. How exciting. Ah your post brought back memories. I had baby number 2 in October. For my hospital bag I used a small suitcase (the size you can take on the plane with you). I probably took too many ‘extra’ bits to be honest but I packed things separately in sandwich bags, vest bag, baby gro bag, which made it easier when I was at the hospital. I also packed a carrier bag with all the things I needed for my first shower after having baby so wasn’t searching my suitcase for anything. All the best for the coming weeks.

    • February 20, 2017 / 8:34 pm

      Thanks for your comments. Really good idea re separate carrier bag for shower bits etc I will definitely do this! How has it been having 2 little ones? X

      • February 21, 2017 / 2:52 pm

        It’s been amazing, interesting and tiring. It actually inspired me to write about it and I have a few blog posts about it. My husband has been working away from home lots lately so I’ve really had to mummy it up but it is getting easier as baby gets older.

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