Baby Nails Review & Giveaway!

Baby Nails Review & Giveaway!

Attempting to cut your newborn baby’s nails is a nightmare. They always seem so long to start with, they are so tiny and fiddly and you daren’t go near them with scissors for fear of cutting them. Yes it does happen and then you feel terrible. So you put it off until your baby inevitably scratches their face with their weirdly long nails and you then feel terrible about that too and can put it off no longer.


A lot of mums have said to me that they just bite the nails off themselves, which seems like a good option. But I’ve tried it and couldn’t manage more than 1-2 nails before Austin is pulling away from me and crying!


So when I heard about baby nails I thought this will be great.


Baby Nails is a hands free solution consisting of a ‘thumble’ which you attach the appropriate nail file to and then slip onto to your thumb. You can then use the thumble to file away at your babies long nails and at the same time allowing you to hand the babies hands in place.

We were trying out the standard mixed pack which contains files for newborns, 3+ months and 6+months.


How did we get on with baby nails?


I found using the baby Nails with Austin who is now 4 months old, quite easy. He was quite happy to be sat on my lap holding my hands whilst I filed away at his nails.  As you can see below he was quite fascinated to watch what I was doing! Although not surprisingly it took a lot longer than using scissors, it was quite relaxing and didn’t end up in a struggle and both of us crying. So definitely a win win for me. It was effective at filing down his nails, and comfortable for me too.

The baby nails mixed pack also contains files for babies 6 months plus, so I thought I would also give them a go with my toddler Hayden, who is 19 months old. I was pretty sceptical that he would sit still long enough to let me use the baby nails on him. Whenever we use the scissors it’s always such a battle.


The first time I tried with Hayden it went pretty much as I predicted with him only sitting still for enough time for me to do 1 nail before wriggling away from me as he wanted to play! However I did try again, but this time waited until he was tired (and weak!) and he happily sat on my lap watching Thomas the tank whilst I successfully filed down all his nails.



I think baby Nails and the Thumble is a pretty ingenious design. It allows you to trim your baby’s nails without the stress and difficulty and potential injury of traditional nail scissors! In the end they worked well with both my young baby and toddler, but is probably more suited for younger babies. I wish I had had this product when babies were first born. 

It would be a perfect baby shower newborn essential gift for new babies.

They are a very reasonable price at £7.49 for a standard pack of mixed nails (containing 5 files for each size, 15 files in total). You can find out more about baby nails or order some here:
Baby Nails 

Would you like to try Baby Nails?….Yes.. then enter the giveaway below to win a standard mixed pack of baby nails.

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Disclosure: We were given a standard mixed pack of Baby Nails to try for the purposes of review, but as always all thoughts and opinions are my own. 


Baby Nails Review and Giveaway- A great alternative to scissors

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  1. August 23, 2017 / 3:26 am

    Thank you for that Lisa, knowing how difficult cutting nails on those cute little fingers can get. By the way, your baby looks GORGEOUS! 🙂

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