Turtle Tots return after summer- gaining confidence

Previously I’ve written about starting Turtle tots swimming lessons with Austin. He quickly seemed to be really enjoying it but then the summer break came and I was concerned about whether he would remember what he had learnt.


Originally we planned to take the boys swimming at the weekends over the summer, but things have been so busy that it just didn’t ever happen unfortunately.


We started back in lessons a several weeks ago but this time we managed to start Hayden at turtle tots in the class session directly before Austin. This meant with the help of my kind mum, I could take both boys swimming.



Hayden up until we joined turtle tots had had lessons on and off with Waterbabies which he had really enjoyed, so I was a little apprehensive about switching him but logistically it was too difficult to keep taking them to different classes, on different days, different sides of the city.

I needn’t have worried, Hayden took to Turtle Tots like a duck to water!! Ha ha sorry excuse the pun I couldn’t help myself! Seriously though, he just loved it. He loves being in the water and his latest favourite thing is jumping in the pool! He is still less than keen to swim on his back though, he just really doesn’t like it!

He is one the youngest in his class but fitted in just fine, and Jess the teacher who is amazing just tailors each activity to the individual allowing you adapt to your child’s ability and current mood!! She is great at explaining what you need to do for each activity and always very helpful with suggestions if your child is less than obliging! For example: when Hayden didn’t want to use his float, Jess showed him how to place his fish toy on top of the float, and then lo and behold he was swimming happily with his float and fish! 




Whilst Hayden was swimming and Austin sat on the sidelines with his grandma very excited to get in the water. As soon as he was in, he was splashing, kicking his legs and reaching for things. I have never seen him so excited before! He didn’t cry once, and he even did the gentle going under water quite happily!



We’ve continued to practice water safet, getting babies to hold onto to side as they approach the edge. Austins favourite part of the lessons is probably chasing the fish toys, he gets so excited trying to reach them!

My understanding is that often baby swimming classes used to dunk but now its more of a gentle approach whereby you release baby and they go underwater to their natural level and collect them after a couple of seconds. This sits much better with me because it doesn’t feel like you’re actively trying to drown your child by dunking them!



We also had a fab Ben and Holly themed week in aid of Global Make some Noise week charity, which meant Austin got to wear a party hat and I was happy as I got to wear a Princess Tiara!! which is the most glamorous I’ve looked for ages! Ha ha!



Classes are expensive perhaps in comparison to other non-swimming baby classes but I personally feel they have been completely worth it to have children who are not afraid of the water, know how to swim confidently and know how to keep themselves safe by going to/holding onto the side and climbing out of the pool. Not to mention seeing how much enjoyment they have both gotten out of the classes. I honestly couldn’t recommend them more!

If your interested in finding out more about Turtle tots classes or how to book please click on the link here

I will leave you with this photo of Austin attempting to eat my princess wand from the Ben and Holly charity session!.


Review of turtle tots baby and toddler swimming classes as we start the second half of the first term. Great for babies development and confidence and water safety.


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