Me and Mine Project June 2017

Me and Mine Project June 2017

This past month has been pretty busy but an exciting month too.  Despite having more opportunities to get family photos this month, as you will see none of them are a perfect shot with all of us looking at the camera. In fact in most of the pictures one or both of my children are crying.

We started the month by seeing some University friends who were visiting Bristol from London. We hadn’t seen them in ages and it was the first time they had met Austin so was lovely to catch up. Spent a bit of time re-living our youth on the apple Cider boat, albeit bit different with children in tow!

Note we have Austins usual scowl and Hayden’s generally dishevelled look- these are  fast becoming a bit of trademark features of our family photos lol!!

The second half of June we were on HOLIBOBS!! We were in Turkey for 2 weeks with Mikes parents, his brother and sister-in-law and their Son Oscar who is 2 months younger than Hayden. This was our first holiday abroad since having children so it was good to go with the extended family as it gave us a 2:1 adult to child ratio!! We had a lovely holiday although very different to our holidays pre-children, but managed a date night, a fair few cocktails and lots of family fun! I think both the boys really loved having so many people around all the time.

Here is another classic Family photo of ours in our holiday villa, Hayden has a face full of crisps and you can’t see Austin but I bet he’s scowling!!

Hayden loved spending time in the water whilst on holiday, either in the pool or the sea. Here is our attempt at a family selfie in the pool! (yes the boys are in matching swimming outfits too! I may have a problem!)

Whilst on Holiday, we all slept in the same room with a child either side of the bed. Which meant that every morning Hayden would climb into the bed and we’d have family snuggles!! This was one of my favourite things about being on holiday. I’m hoping its something we will continue on weekends now we are home.

Whilst we were away it was my Father in Laws 60th birthday so we had a special family meal out with some family friends too. We managed to get a family Gumn picture (see below)- the first one I think since all the boys were born. As you can see Austin is rocking his Uncle fester look!! and Hayden is super grumpy as he had barely slept that day!

Last but not least this is our final family photo for the month and yes it’s another Classic as you can see! Hayden is sporting just a dinner stained T-shirt and nappy, Austin is crying and Mike and I are super sweaty! Despite none of our photos being that ‘picture perfect’ I love them! they are us, warts and all and they make me smile. I know I will look back on them and remember fondly!

This month;

Mummy is loving

  • Date night with the Hubby
  • Holiday sunshine
  • Cocktails
  • Spending lots of time together as a family

Daddy is loving

  • Having 2 weeks off work!
  • Having beers in the daytime
  • playing with Hayden and Austin in the pool

Hayden is loving

  • spending lots of time in the pool and the sea
  • eating lots of Ice cream
  • having lots of family around
  • looking at planes in the airport
  • running around like a crazy person with his trunki

Austin is loving

  • Seeing more of Daddy
  • Sitting in his bouncer taking it all it!!
  • Swimming in the sea
  • going for walks in the stroller

Hope you have all had a good month too! What did your family get up to?

See you next month!



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  1. July 12, 2017 / 9:14 pm

    Lovely. I feel very inspired now to get more family photos. We are officially useless. Early years photos never go to plan but are the most fun

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