The Little One Tag

The Little One Tag

I was tagged by Jade over at The Newly Weds. The little one tag is a lighthearted set of questions about your little one, answered from their perspective.

I decided to answer the questions from Hayden’s perspective as no offence to 7 week old Austin but think it might be a bit more interesting!

So let’s have a go;

What’s the best thing about being 16 months old?

I get to watch Thomas whenever I want. I like to pretend to Kiss mummy and daddy and then move away at the last minute. Pulling the cats tails. Kissing my new baby brother Austin. Going outside lots now it’s sunny. Generally getting my own way!

What’s your favourite toy?

I have lots and lots of toys, so choosing a favourite is hard. I love my new kitchen that grandma brought me, I make cups of tea for mummy in it! My other favourite toys are my Thomas trains, I have Thomas, James, Percy, Diesel, and spencer!

How could I forget my bestest friend, Foxy! I take Foxy almost everywhere with me, she sleeps with me nighttime too!

Favourite thing to do?

I love attention so if I’m getting that I don’t mind too much what I’m doing! I love playing with my toys, bath time, going swimming with daddy! Mostly just being outside is so much fun, either in my garden or at the park!

Favourite outfit?

I’m a boy so don’t really care, but do love my pjs with Thomas on. My mummy likes to put me in chinos with braces and check shirt and says I look super cute and dapper in this. She doesn’t let daddy pick out my outfits cause she says the clothes are always mismatched and look silly, but I don’t mind!

Favourite TV programme?

I love fireman Sam and something special but my favourite is definitely Thomas the tank engine! I could happily sit and watch this all day if mummy let me.

Favourite book?

Just like my toys I have lots of books. I like to sit and look through them and sometimes tear out the pages when mummy’s not looking! My favourites are my Thomas books or Dear zoo (I love pulling those flaps down!) Daddy’s favourite to read to me is zog, he just loves those flying doctors and dragons!

Favourite food?

I love food!! There is not much that I won’t eat. My favourite foods are pasta bolognese, chilli con carne, smoked salmon, chocolate cake, yoghurt and clementines.

Favourite song?

I’m not sure I have a favourite song really. I like Incy wincy spider that my teddy bear sings to me. I like dancing wit him my mummy to space jam! And I recently discovered fall out boy on a long car journey with mummy and daddy, they had good songs!

What makes you laugh?

I love to laugh and giggle lots and lots. Some of the things that make me laugh the most at the moment are;

  • playing peek a boo, with me doing the Boo!!
  • When people sniff my feet or socks and say ‘poooo’
  • doing high five with mummy whilst on the swing
  • when mummy or daddy chase me round the house
  • when I throw food or my toys after mummy has told me off already, I find this really funny!!

Who do you love and why?

I love daddy because he is so much fun and plays wth me a lot, I love mummy because she looks after me and gives me cuddles. I love my new brother Austin because he lets me hold and slobber all over him! . I love my two cats as they play chase with me. I love all 6 of my grandparents because they buy me lots of fun toys and cool clothes! Mummy says I’m spoilt rotten, whatever that means!

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this bit of a fun post!

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