9 Great Halloween outfits for Babies 2017

So it’s almost Halloween again, and it seems to have become a bigger and bigger holiday in the Uk over the last few years. It’s also Austins first Halloween so I have been browsing online looking for Halloween outfits!

I really want to get him a Halloween outfit but don’t want to spend a fortune as he is literally gonna wear it once. If you are looking for outfit for your baby/little one have a look at my top 9 best buys most of which are from supermarkets-


From £11- spider outfit    

I love this Spider costume from Sainsbury’s and think Austin would look super cute in this with all legs sticking out!


Cat outfit from £11    

Such a cute cat outfit! Love little tutus.


From £9- Dracula outfit      

Austin has just got his first 2 teeth come through so perhaps this Dracula outfit is quite apt!

Mummy sleepsuit £5    

If you are looking for less of an elaborate costume, then this cute mummy sleepsuit from Tesco would be perfect, not to mention a bargain at £5.

Witch £9  

A classic halloween outfit but always a good one, Witches outfit complete with hat, belt and stripy tights!


Skeleton all in one £6  

Another Classic halloween costume and for a bargain price of £6, you won’t find something much cheaper than this unless your going to make it yourself. This is the outfit I brought for Hayden’s First Halloween last year but its too big for Austin this year.

Pumpkin tutu £7   

Pumpkins are symononis with halloween, and I love this orange and green number!

Frankenstein £7   

Asda have a very affordable and varied range of Halloween outfits including this rather cute Frankenstein outfit with matching hat.


Pumpkin £12  

Although this Pumpkin costume is the most expensive on my list at £12, its one of my favourites and think its still a pretty good price.


These are just my personal best buys, there are loads more choices in the supermarkets if you’re looking for something different.

I’m really torn, can’t decide which one to get for Austin!! Currently leaning towards either the Pumpkin outfit from Matalan or the Spider costume from Sainsbury’s- which one would you pick?

A list of the best halloween outfits to buy for babies and toddlers from popular supermarkets


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