Charity Shop Holiday Haul VLOG

I know videos of clothes hauls are all the rage at the moment, so not wanting to be different I’ve jumped on the bandwagon. But instead of going to the popular high street stores and done my charity shop holiday haul VLOG!

So today on my way home from slimming world, I did a spot of shopping, browsing the many charity shops there are in Kingswood Bristol.

Much to my delight I found quite a few things I liked. Luckily for me they were all bargains and I can justify buying them as everything is for holiday!!! Plus I brought Mike something so he can’t complain!

Sadly I didn’t find anything for the boys today but I have already brought them lots of summer bits recently (their stuff is brand new mind!)

Check out what I brought here on my YouTube VLOG. This is my second ever VLOG so please bear this mind, it’s not very polished! Hopefully a few less ‘umms’ and awkward pauses that last time!


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