18 Goals for 2018

So I know its now January 7th, and somehow we are already a week into the new year but I have made a list of 18 Goals for 2018. I suppose they are a bit like resolutions, which I know often don’t stick, but I’m hoping that I will achieve at least a few of these goals during this next year.

 My 18 Goals for 2018: 

1. Be in the room more with children/put my phone down more

This is a big one for me, obviously I spend almost all of my time with the boys, but recently I have realised that when they are happily playing I am often doing chores, or on my phone instead of actively playing with them. Now this is fine sometimes, god knows we all need to find time to do bits and pieces but I would like to play with them more. So I am going to make more of an effort to be present when I’m in the room with them and put my phone down more. 


2. Do more walking trying to get my 10,000 steps

I am feeling very unfit and sluggish of late, I know post Christmas this is pretty normal feeling. But I was feeling like this  for a while before Christmas. So now is the time. Pre-children I used to enjoy going to Zumba and other gym classes. This is bit tricky with the children now and bedtime routines etc so my plan is for now to do more walking, wear my Fitbit and get my 10,000 daily steps. Which will be good for the boys too, Hayden loves running around outside. 


3. Go on a family holiday

We would like to go on a family holiday the 4 of us this year, especially as Austin will hopefully be walking come the summer time. One of my best Friends is getting married in Italy on the beautiful Amalfi coast in September so we may try and make a holiday of this whilst we are there.


4. Pelvic floor and general toning

Along with feeling quite sluggish, I feel like a human form of jelly! I’ve lost my baby weight but muscle tone doesn’t seem to have returned sadly. After having 2 children in quick succession lets just say my pelvic floor is not what it once was either but I am terrible at doing my pelvic floor exercises. But I need to try, before the boys get to a trampolining age! So I’ve downloaded an app to help remind me to do them, heres hoping that works!


5. Do more craft playing

As a child I loved all things crafty, Art Attack was my favourite TV show. I really looked forward to doing crafty things with the boys. Now I have got a tuft tray, which will hopefully contain all of the mess, and something the boys can do together.


6. Do more singing/reading with the boys

Mike and I realised recently that we do read with Hayden, but often Austin gets left out and hardly ever do singing. So I would like to try and do more singing and reading with them.


7. Save some money

Mike and I are not natural savers unfortunately. But since moving house we have managed to clear a substantial amount of debt, and are planning on trying to build up some savings once I go back to work in February.


8. Eat healthier

My diet over the past few months has got progressively worse I must admit, I’ve gone back to drinking lots of coca cola, and eating vast amounts of chocolate. I know how to eat healthier but I’m pretty bad at enforcing it, so I’ve decided to go back to slimming world.


9. Continue to build my mama merchanise brand/business

This year I want to continue to build my small business, Mama Be Kind. I’m really loving creative aspects of the designing and excited to see what the year holds.


10. Meal planning

This goes hand in hand with eating healthier really, basically I eat crap when I don’t plan as it’s convenient. So going to try sticking to a meal plan, and hoping it will help speed up and keep costs of weekly food shopping down too


11. Procrastinate less

I am a terrible procrastinator, and unfortunately it’s something that’s only gotten worse as I’ve got older. The problem with it now is that my putting things off time and time again, I then get really stressed about it and feel very low. So this probably my number one goal for this year!


12. Try to see friends more

 I feel very lucky to have so many friends in my life, from college, Uni, Work, mummy friends etc but find that haven’t seen some of them for such a long time. Life just gets in the way really, and when you don’t live in the same city, and work differing schedules it can be really difficult finding a time to catch up. I Want to try and rectify that this year, as much as possible anyway. 



13. Do some decorating

We are now all unpacked in the new house and settled but Mike and I have lots of ideas for decorating this year, just need to decide which room to start with. Mikes preference would be the conservatory, but mine would probably be either Haydens room or the office!


14. Keep more on top of e-portfolio

I am going back to work in february, an as a GP trainee we have an e-portfolio to do during our training, previously I have procrastinated with completing this but hopefully that will be different this year.


15. Shop small

Because of starting my own small online business, and also finding some really nice unique bits and pieces from online small shops, I plan to try and shop small for gifts this year, and avoid the high street where possible.


16. Keep the house tidier

I know this is probably on everyone’s list, but again tidying not my strong suit, but I feel so much calmer and am more productive with other things when the house is tidy


17. Start doing some baking again

Pre-children I did lots of baking and really loved it, but its fallen by the wayside a bit since having the children so I would like to get back into and hopefully get Hayden involved a bit too!



18. Be more regular with my blog posts

I really enjoy writing for the blog but I find I’m quite inconsistent in my posting, so some weeks I’ll post once and other weeks I’ll post 4-5 times. I would like to try and be more consistent and aim for 2-3 times a week.


So that’s it… 18 goals for 2018. Hopefully, I will manage to achieve them. At least thinking about what I want to achieve in 2018 and committing those goals to paper is a good start I think.


What are your goals for 2018?


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