Back to slimming world! 

So I have done it. I have rejoined slimming world this week in a bid to try and lose my baby weight pre holiday to Turkey in June. I know it may seem quite early post baby to be joining (less than 4 weeks post partum!) but I know what I am like and I am likely to procrastinate and put it off.

I joined slimming g world previously 3 months after Hayden was born, and I was pleased with the weight loss I achieved. I lost 1 stone gradually over the 4 months I was going for. Not a crazy amount of loss I know, but I was really chuffed and felt like it was sustainable. I went from 12 st 6lbs to 11st 5lbs. I decided to stop going when I found out I was pregnant with Austin, as I couldn’t really see the point in continuing whilst pregnant.

So I’m back to it. I must admit I was pretty nervous about the initial weigh in yesterday, but it wasn’t as bad as I had feared! 11st 12lbs! Not bad I thought for 3 and half weeks post partum. I’ve decided to set my target for 10st 7lbs, it’s been years since I have been this weight so hoping not an over ambitious target, we shall see I guess.

I was pleased to note that there hasn’t really been any changes in the dos and don’ts since last year which makes life easier. Stocked up on my hi Fi slimming world bars, including new flavour dark mint chocolate!

So now I just need to plan out our meals for the week and try and not eat too much chocolate over Easter!! Easier said that done!

I plan on documenting my slimming world journey through the blog, including ideas for recipes. Come back next week to see how I got on with my first week and my first weigh in.. 😬 eek! Wish me luck!

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  1. Good luck, I’m more than certain you will do well. My brother was just telling me the other day that he has lost 3 stone with SW. And he has enjoyed it, hasn’t felt like it was a chore. Which I feel is the way it should be.

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