My name is Lisa Gumn, and I am a thirty something mummy of one, soon to be mummy of 2 under 2 living in Bristol.

I originally moved to Bristol when I was 19 to start at university, I remained in Bristol through two degrees and after graduating in 2012, moved to Hereford for a year, subsequently followed by Gloucester and then Bath.

Mike and I on a Uni night out in Bristol
Mike and I at college where we first met aged 17!
Our winter wedding in the Cotswolds

I married my ‘college sweetheart’ Mike in December 2014, after a romantic Empire State proposal in New York (sleepless in Seattle style!) the previous December. I convinced Mike that we should pretty much start trying for a baby straight away after getting married by claiming that it was likely to take some time to fall pregnant, well…. three weeks later we found out we were expecting little Hayden!


Upon finding out about the soon to be arrival of Hayden, we decided that we should try and buy our first home together, and within a few months we found a little three bedroom Victorian terrace house in Bristol and moved in.

Hayden was born in December 2015 weighing a healthy 7lb 12oz and turned our lives upside down, I have laughed, cried and smiled more in the last year than my whole life Β  Β And wouldn’t have it any other way.

He is soon to be joined by a baby brother in March.

I have started this blog mostly as a therapeutic tool for myself but also to connect with other like minded mummies/daddies and hope that you enjoy reading.

As well as my family, I am a lover of baking, stationary, lists, gin/cocktails/wine and shopping, some or all of which I’m sure will be the focus of future posts!